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Detroit hookup

detroit hookup

Cozy Corners, at Warren Rouge Park. We had a good group of kids at Western and I for one never let those gangs stop me from enjoying the awesome friends I had at Western. There was Field/Jeff gang but think that was during 40's/early 50's. But as far as I know there weren't any organized gangs, with established memberships, rituals, colors, signs and insignia, and all of that. And whites adult dating in Stratford began to flee to the suburbs.

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I suspect that many of the problems may have simply been due to blacks and whites not knowing very much about each other. SIX mile gang: late 40s hoodlum gang: late 40s Three members were arrested for stabbing to death a state college athlete in the suburbs. Hoodblades: Colors Purple: 1955 "Crazy Fred" was their leader, and the toughest member of the gang. Funny how even the memories of the gangs still have a firm hold on my memories of my time spent at Western. Detroit Rest In Peace RIP bear (Denny Dowling) A former member of the Zulus Motorcycle Club of Detroit.

detroit hookup