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Cost of adding washer dryer hookup

cost of adding washer dryer hookup

240V electric wire or gas pipe for the dryer? Depending on sex dating in Spokane location and the extent and type of work being done, this can be free or cost 25-150 or more. install a floor pan for when the washer overflows? With the exception of the vent pipe changes that both code and the mechanics may require. Org/.org/en/us/search More Appliances Topics Search Thousands of Topics on m Today's Featured Cost Articles About CostHelper CostHelper Community. A handyman might charge 25-150 depending on local rates and the amount of work required. 10 yr limited warranty. However, total costs can be 700-2,000 or more if the desired laundry area is far from the current plumbing lines, electrical panel and exterior walls (for venting if access is limited, such as plumbing pipes buried under a slab foundation; if there is no room. repair the drywall? Option: Remove Appliances, detach from adjacent surfaces and components.

The average cost for an Appliance Installation Specialist is 130. Once the hookups are in place, installing a new washer and dryer. I m buying a home that doesn t have washer and dryer connection but it doe s have a room at the rear of the house that looks like a laundry. Just ballparking it, how much would it cost to install a new washer/dryer hookup o n the 2nd floor of a house in a room adjacent to a main.

cost of adding washer dryer hookup

Enter the number of "items" required for the project. Totals - Cost To Install Washing Machine. NO, WE didn'T think OF this. Share, unit Costs: How Pros Price, unlike sites which blend pricing from dissimilar jobs, homewyse estimates are based on the Unit Cost method. dryer vent duct and dampered to exterior? Thanks for the info- our responses above, 11:19 AM Barking Spider Location: Knoxville 4,130 posts, read 19,668,268 times Reputation: 4721 While it is pretty easy to bust out the drywall and add on supply and waste connections for the washer, it's probably not going. Bring electrical 30amp/240V circuit or gas for the dryer connection. connected that floor pan to a drain? Start from a blank List or a pre-defined template (Sign up/in required For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 1 machine, the cost to Install a Washing Machine starts at 740 - 1,530 per machine. quot;: Originally Posted by paddy205, just ballparking it, how much would it cost to install a new washer/dryer hookup on the 2nd floor of a house in a room adjacent to a main bathroom?