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pilots and managers: from left to right, Ronald. 34 Hayden, General Michael. 79 The investigation found that cloud vapor had formed ice in the pitot hookup night com tube, causing the airspeed indicator to show an erroneous reading. An intense air and sea search was conducted but no wreckage of "Article 129" was ever recovered. Looking through his rear-view periscope, Sullivan saw six missile contrails climb to about 90,000 ft (27,000 m) before converging on his aircraft. Pilots received a detailed route briefing in the early evening prior to the day of flight.

The Lockheed A-12 was a reconnaissance aircraft built for the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by Lockheed's Skunk Works, based on the designs of Clarence "Kelly" e aircraft was designated A-12, the 12th in a series of internal design efforts for "Archangel the aircraft's.
In 1959 it was selected over Convair's fish and Kingfish designs as the.
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The pilot glided to a lower altitude to perform a controlled bailout but could not separate his parachute from his ejection seat. The first A-12 arrived at Kadena Air Base on Okinawa on With the arrival of two more aircraft on 24 May, and 27 May this unit was declared to be operational on 30 May, and it began Operation Black Shield on 31 May. The A-3 was an unstaged (non-parasite) aircraft that cruised at Mach.2 at 95,000 feet (29,000 metres). This became the A-12 design. 51 November 1958: The Land panel provisionally selects Convair fish (B-58-launched parasite) over Lockheed's A-3. SR-71 prototype 61-7950) delivered to Palmdale. 1117 Landis and Jenkins 2005,. The flight free sex dating sites no credit card lasted about 40 minutes. Roadrunners Internationale Declassified U-2 A-12 Projects Aquatone oxcart Area. Of these, 13 were A-12s, three were prototype YF-12A interceptors for the.S.