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Georgia traps looking for sex

georgia traps looking for sex

likely victims of child sex trafficking. When asked what she thought teens could contribute to the cause, WellSprings Richardson answer was simple and not unlike Lindseys and Swains: Awareness is huge. I think its very important to share that trafficking and exploitation happens in every culture, in every community, said Jennifer Swain, executive director of the Atlanta nonprofit. YouthSpark offers groups for youth referred by the courts and partners with representatives from the Human Rights Network on connecting with lgbtq teens and with Georgia State University on The Homeless and Runaway hookup in Huddersfield Youth Study.

With constant flights going to and from various countries and cities, it makes it all too easy for pimps and dealers to exchange their cargo and pick up fresh meat. Every month, 7,200 men purchase sex from a minor, accounting for more than 8,000 sex acts. Citizens can report suspicion of a child in need by contacting the Human Trafficking Hotline or Wellspring Living. 2017, The Current State of Sex Trafficking Legislation in Georgia.

These young girls are being exploited they are not prostitutes. Center for Public Policy Studies(cpps) says that the average age of the commercial sex market for girls in between 12 and 14 years, but in some cases the girls are pimped out at a younger age. To give more of a visual on just how bad the sex trafficking in Atlanta is, the FBI and other organizations have conducted many investigations and have released some horrifying numbers. In Atlanta, the Friends of English Avenue is a local attempt to help neighborhoods with the highest crime, poverty, and prostitution rates. Lindsey Reina, a 16-year-old junior at Marist High School and a friend of mine, started a nonprofit organization last year called. National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse. There are many issues leading up to the high rates of trafficking, but there are also many solutions. There are lots of factors contributing to the high trafficking rates such as how busy our airport is and easy access to the internet, however there are also many results to trafficking such as HIV/aids. A Georgian couple out on a date sit together in Old Tiblisi.

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