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project of building a new egalitarian value system and to transforming our institutions in accordance with those values. Plus: actual footage of one of the beltings caught on camera. (1) May 2013: Two men publicly whipped while lying on the ground. Dec 2012: Two young men are paraded before TV cameras on the courtroom steps after being sentenced to strokes of the rotan for rape and robbery. United States : TV news report (May 2015) looking at contrasting paddling policies in two Texas school districts. The conceptual differentiation (created largely by the media) between corrective rape and rape perpetrated against women in general can be counterproductive. In court, defence lawyers can use myths to attempt to undermine the testimony of the survivor. Myths also prevent many rapists from looking for sex in Christchurch being prosecuted. (1) TV news item from Jan 2008 about the paddling of a student. TV report gives background to the case.

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(8) Seven youths are disciplined with the "patta" in a very public place. This can mean that the victim does not get the support they needs from people around them. TV news item (Sep 2007) about allegations that a judge in Alabama removed young men from prison and paddled them any real old lady sex dating sites in his office. United States : Interview with a Memphis teacher, May 2007, who says that the abolition of corporal punishment has failed. (8) A corridor caning for an unpunctual student, in a light-hearted atmosphere. (2) A man and a woman are seen being publicly flogged for adultery (2012). United Kingdom : Bring back the cane. BBC TV news report (2007) in which present-day students are shown how the belt was administered, 25 years after it disappeared from Scottish state schools. Two clips, one of which is New!

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