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Alcohol ads using sex

alcohol ads using sex

public relations in the UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Drugs and medications, which include weight-loss supplements, came in third with 29 percent of ads containing sexy models. Our findings show that the increase in visual sexual imagery over the three decades of analysis is attributable to products already featuring sexual content in ads, not necessarily widespread adoption by other product categories, Reichert said. Women are used to sell products most often when pitching sex. That's the conclusion of new research that finds ads featuring sex are on the rise, so to speak. Sex sells, or at least that is what advertisers hope. We're also on, facebook Google. Just under half the ads did not contain models.

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In ads sampled from 2003, 92 percent of beauty ads that contained models were female. "It takes more explicitness to grab our attention and arouse us than before he said. It takes more explicitness to grab our attention and arouse us than before, he said. Using sex to sell everything from alcohol to banking services has increased over the years: 15 percent of ads used sex to sell in 1983; that percentage grew to 27 percent in 2003. These magazines were chosen because they have large circulations, include titles that appeal to both men and women, and because they have been included in past studies, allowing for easy comparison across time. Ads were categorized based on the models' clothing, or lack thereof, and physical contact between models. 10 Surprising Sex Statistics "In almost every study I've seen, sexual content gives a purchase advantage in such instances Reichert said. (Past research has suggested, however, that sex doesn't sell to female readers, with sensual advertising images leaving women bored and uninterested.). Leonard Reid, a professor of advertising at UGA Grady College, and Courtney Carpenter Childers, an assistant professor in the School of Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Tennesse at Knoxville are coauthors on the study). In 1983, only 9 percent of alcohol ads used sex to sell booze. But, brand impressions are shaped by images in advertising, too. The study, from the University of Georgia, looked at sexual ads appearing in magazines over the past 30 years and found that the numbers are.