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Cost of city water hookup

cost of city water hookup

details of your water needs and get an estimate of the cost to complete the work with your contractor. Water Line Installation Cost Factors. You may find one plumber that charges 100/hour and another than charges 200/hour. The contractor will apply online for a plumber's permit to complete the work. As such, even though PVC pipes are cheaper, some homeowners may be forced to go with the more expensive copper piping. Start digging using a strong shovel. However, as with all copper pipes, you have to watch for corrosion. Upon connecting to the water system, Citizens Energy Group will assess a System Development Charge and a New Meter Install Charge based on the size of the proposed connection and water meter.

Reply with questions or concerns and receive timely, trackable responses. PVC pipes are among the most affordable water lines. Water Discoloration : Obviously enough, if brown water starts coming through your pipes, you have an issue. Looking at that fee schedule, you would only pay for what you're hooking. As you get closer to the line, a trowel will come in handy as well.

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